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Dominican Republic

CASC - Confederación Autónoma Sindical Clasista

Het is een vakbondsorganisatie die trainingen aanbiedt en actie voert op verschillende gebieden, zoals onderwijs en de publieke sector. Haar missie is het bestuderen, verdedigen, ontwikkelen en beschermen van arbeidsrechten, vrijheid van vereniging en fatsoenlijke arbeidsomstandigheden voor werknemers. De organisatie biedt haar leden een breed scala aan diensten: spaar- en kredietcoöperaties, apotheken, juridisch advies, verzekeringen en zelfs begrafenissparen. Het opleidingsinstituut INFAS biedt beroepsopleidingen aan duizenden werknemers (koken, IT, enz.).

AMUSSOL - Asociación Mutual de Servicios Solidarios

The Mutualidad de Servicios Solidarios - AMUSSOL was created in 2003 by CASC to promote better social protection for informal sector workers. AMUSSOL's main strength is to provide these informal workers with social protection interventions (medical care) where they were not covered in the past. Its main mission is to promote the participation and integration of all workers in the Dominican system. 

MOSCHTA Dominican Republic - Movimiento Sociocultural para los Trabajadores Haitianos

MOSCTHA was born in 1985 on the initiative of Dominican trade unionists and students and Haitian immigrants. For 20 years, it carried out intensive work in the bateyes (sugar cane plantations) and in the border regions between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Initially, its action aimed, on the one hand, to improve the almost inhuman living conditions of Haitian workers and, on the other hand, to organise a framework favourable to the return of democracy in Haiti. Since then, MOSCTHA has continued to expand the range of its activities: legal assistance, medical consultations, environmental sanitation (sanitation and water supply), micro-credits, funeral services (via AMUTRABA), training/education and trade union activities. 

FEI - Fundación Étnica Integral

Founded in June 2000, the FEI is concerned with the fight against poverty, the defence of human rights and the implementation of integrated development programmes and projects. It mainly targets migrant workers, including Haitians. It also runs social economy and awareness-raising projects. 

CONAMUCA - Confederación Nacional de Mujeres del Campo

CONAMUCA was founded in November 1986. It mainly assists women living in the countryside or in municipalities on the outskirts of the provinces (peasant women, small producers, students, unemployed or housewives), with a view to improving their situation, in particular through health, training, culture and the protection of human rights.

Partner organizations

  • 1 socio-cultural organisation
  • 1 trade union
  • 3 women's, domestic workers' and migrant workers' movements
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