2018 Revenue

Government subsidies: 6.337.786 euros

Every year we account for every euro we receive from the government. For all our subsidies, the federal and other governments approved a carefully planned multi-year plan in advance. All results and activities to be achieved are clearly described in that plan. 2018 was year two of our federal multi-year program, which started in 2017 and runs until 2021.

Our government resources in detail

  • Federal government subsidies: 5.916.071 euros
  • Subsidies from regional governments (municipalities, cities, provinces, regions and employment subsidies): 421.715 euro

Own revenue: 3.130.951 euros

Our organization must be able to guarantee a certain percentage of own revenue against government funds. In addition, we implement a number of our projects exclusively with our own resources. In addition to subsidies, we therefore try to collect as many resources as possible from other sources of income. This allows us to remain healthy and independent. Our annual challenge is to generate at least 35% of our total income as own resources. With 33% own resources, we almost reached that goal in 2018.

Our own resources in detail:

  • Revenue from donations and sales: 379.478 euros
  • bequests: 3050 euro
  • Structural revenue from multi-year agreements: 2.678.712 euros

WSM received revenue from agreements with:

  • ACV-CSC, CM-MC, Femma, kwb, KAJ,, MOC, BRS and vdk bank: 1.362.973 euros
  • Funds and trade union centers, regional health insurance funds, regional sub-organizations: 1.061.313 euros
  • 11.11.11, Vlaamse Koepel van Noord-Zuidorganisaties (Flemish umbrella organization of North-South organizations): 227.977 euros
  • CNCD/WBI,the French speaking umbrella organization of North-South organizations: 26.449 euros

Bequests: 90.264 euros
Our sincere respect goes out to all those who consider supporting our organization through their will. A noble deed that literally gives life

2018 Expenses

Investments in our partner countries: 6.832.258 euros
With this amount, which accounts for 72% of the total, we help about 100 social organizations such as trade unions, mutual funds, women's and youth groups in 24 countries, to continue fighting courageously against poverty and inequality.

Together behind the vision of WSM: 1.642.739 euros
Decent work and social protection are the keys to ending poverty in a sustainable way. That is our vision and we want to convince as many people as possible, both in Belgium and within a number of international institutions. We are doing this through awareness raising and policy work. 2018 was year two of our #clean-clothes-campaign. We collaborated on this with ACV, ACV Sporta, ACV-CSC METEA, ACV Public Services, ACV Food and Services, LBC-NVK, kwb, OKRA-SPORT + and the Clean Clothes Campaign. We also collaborated with OKRA, CM and Pasar on topics such as ‘older people worldwide’, ‘social protection for all’ and ‘sustainable tourism’. 

Quality guarantee and transparency of our operation: 781.739 euros
We consider quality, transparency and correct communication an important priority. In 2018 we spent 8% of our resources on the overall management of our organization. This includes, among other things, administrative and financial operations, personnel policy, permanent quality support and general coordination, which, together, guarantee the quality of our work.

Guaranteeing our resources: 261.532 euros
We spent 3% of our resources on fundraising. With this, we worked out new actions and guaranteed quality reporting to all our donors.

2018 Results

In 2018 our partners were able to implement their activities as planned. The volume of our activities, both here and on the continents, grew again in 2018, following the decrease in the multi-year federal program in 2017. We owe this growth to the launch of a program in Mali together with Enabel, and to new programs in the RD Congo and in India together with the Brussels-Capital Region. In addition, we noted a slight increase in activities in our multi-year program with the Federal Public Service DGD. Due to government savings, we decided in 2017 to finance certain partners with our own resources. In 2018, some room was created in our government resources, which allowed us to support certain partners with those resources.

The total of our income increased by 4% in 2018 compared to 2017. We owe this growth to a 10% increase in our subsidies.

We did unfortunately note a decrease in revenue from donations and bequests. In contrast to the increase in income, we also noted a 6% increase in our spending in 2018. This increase was due, among other things, to the further growth of our 2017-2021 multi-year program and to the launch of the two new programs mentioned above. We closed the 2018 financial year with a negative result of EUR 49,531 that was approved in advance by our Board of Directors. We foresaw this result because we invested extra in our search for new income. As this search is already bearing fruit and we were able to launch a few small new programs, we managed to limit the negative result and we ended the year with a slightly lower than expected negative result.


WSM is a member of VEF-AERF, the Belgian organization for ethics in fundraising.

The Association for Ethics in Fundraising guarantees the moral quality of fundraising and the transparency of the accounts of its members. It checks whether an organization acquires its resources in an ethically responsible manner. VEF-AERF carries out an annual check on the figures of its members. In 2018, we once again achieved an excellent result with the VEF-AERF inspection. We handle your money with care and spend your donation well, and that is what we want to prove through our VEF-AERF membership.

Every year, WSM undergoes a thorough external audit of its financial procedures and their application, performed by an inspector (company auditor).

Finally, the annual financial statements are submitted to the National Bank of Belgium and the clerk's office of the Commercial Court.


Monitoring en evaluatie


WSM strives to be a learning organization. We therefore strongly focus on the cycle of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME). We systematically monitor our operations and make adjustments where necessary. Our 'PME manager' ensures that the PME processes receive sufficient attention in our organization, because we owe it to ourselves and to all governments, organizations and people who work with us.

We also regularly collaborate on this with HIVA, the KU Leuven research institute for work and society. They help us:

  • Continuously improve our Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation system where necessary
  • Better manage collective knowledge
  • Organize strategic exchanges on a regular basis

HIVA and WSM published a joint brochure about the importance of synergy in development cooperation: WSM - a partner in synergies for development (pdf)



Integrity charter

Integrity and respect are important core values for us. These values guide our actions and are endorsed by everyone who formally works for our organization (employees, volunteers and administrators). That is why WSM signed the Integrity Charter (pdf - in French/Dutch)

Gender charter

Gender equality within our organization is important and we take the necessary actions to reach our goals in this matter. That is why WSM signed the Gender charter (pdf - in French)


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