Transversal themes

Young people, gender and the environment are given an important place in our operation:

All too often young people are discriminated against and excluded, including on the labor market. With 77% of working young people in informal or precarious jobs, it is also a challenging group to organize.

The elderly also face many challenges: reduced mobility, health concerns or even loneliness and isolation. It is clear that, as a group, the elderly are more vulnerable, but their numbers are growing as a result of demographic change, and providing support for them is crucial.

Gender equality means equal rights and equal opportunities for women and men, an important basic principle that is still too often being dismissed, because women also make up the large majority of the informal economy, still earn less than men for the same work, take on the majority of the care tasks and therefore often do not benefit from social protection.

WSM and its partners make specific efforts to organize young people, eldery and women, to tailor their services to their needs and to give them a place in their operations and policies.

Ecological development is an essential pillar of sustainable development, in addition to the economic and social pillars. "There are no jobs on a dead planet" is a well-known statement that actually summarizes everything. Social justice and sustainability go hand in hand and we try to integrate that into our operations.


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