What do we do?


Promoting the right to decent work and to social protection;

Preventing and eradicating poverty and exclusion;

That is what WSM does on a daily basis.



Worldwide, one in two people cannot live with dignity from their hard work. Even more people, as many as 70%, have to rely on themselves when they are sick, unemployed or old.

Decent work and social protection are not privileges, but human rights. They are also the best insurance against poverty and exclusion.



And we do not work alone, of course.

We join forces with close to 100 social movements in Belgium and across 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America: trade unions, health funds, micro-credit organisations, women organisations, youth organisations and organisations of older people.



These organisations are the driver of real changes on the ground:

  • a living wage for garment workers in Bangladesh
  • affordable medical care for farmers in Mali
  • a professional baker’s training  for young people in Guatemala
  • a safe working place  for miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Together for real change!

But real and sustainable change requires a global commitment and a systemic approach.

For that reason we connect our partners in a network, at the national as well as the international level, in order to have a stronger voice when we claim our fundamental rights.

We demand that people be put at the centre of policies and the global economy, while respecting the limits of our planet.

If you add your voice, our message will be even stronger.



Want to know more about WSM?

Read our Introduction brochure (pdf)

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