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WSM is housed in the Aeropolis building (block 2 - third floor). Via the main entrance (Haachtsesteenweg 579) you immediately reach the counter. Sign up there. Your contact person will be notified and he or she will assist you further.


  • From Brussels North Station: Tram 55 (to Da Vinci), stop at ‘Schaarbeekse Haard’
  • From Evere Station: walk 1 km
  • From Schaarbeek Station: walk 1,5 km


  • Tram 32 Drogenbos – Da Vinci or 55 Rogier – Da Vinci: stop ‘Schaarbeekse Haard’
  • Tram 7 Vanderkindere – Heysel: stop ‘Paul Brien-ziekenhuis’
  • Bus 66 De Brouckère – Péage: stop ‘Terdelt’
  • Bus 270-271-272 De Lijn: stop ‘Dejaze’


Shared bike
  • ‘Aeropolis’ Villo-station


January 4 2021

Send hope around the world

With this video clip, we wish you the courage to persevere with hope in 2021. Because every person c...

December 18 2020

Corona Shelter from the storm | Oxfam study

Oxfam published a study on the influence of the coronavirus on social protection in 126 low- and mid...

December 9 2020

International Human Rights Day 2020

Today we pay tribute to 3 people from 3 countries and 3 continents. They symbolise hundreds of thous...

December 3 2020

Improving synergies between social protection & public finance managem...

This week, the International Labour Organization (ILO), UNICEF, the Global Coalition for Social Prot...

November 25 2020

VIDÉO | International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Wome...

EU-LAT Network created a video to commemorate November 25th International Day for the Elimination of...

November 24 2020

Brochure | A Planet in Distress: Solutions that put people and workers...

In this brochure we offer you an overview of some of the innovative approaches to change.

November 18 2020

Corona Newsletter NDWM India April - September 2020

If you would like to learn more about NDWM's work, you can read the newsletter here

November 6 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on young workers

The IYCW has recently published a report on the situation of young workers suffering the impact of t...

October 6 2020

25 years after Beijing: Recommendations to the EU for the protection o...

On this 25th anniversary, it is apparent that the existing challenges for women have increased and h...

June 12 2020

Corona Are we running from one disaster to another or investing more in socia...

The question arises as to what support we offer, as high income countries, so that low and middle in...

June 10 2020

Corona European Climate & Jobs Pact

WSM supports the European Climate & Jobs Pact and its three solutions towards a brighter, greener fu...

June 9 2020

Corona International policy on COVID-19: ILO and the World Bank

Much like the virus itself, news on COVID-19 and possible policy measures are spreading fast. Major ...

May 18 2020

Corona COVID-19: The informal economy speaks out!

Today, some 2 billion people work in the informal economy; more than 1.6 billion of them are affecte...

May 6 2020

Corona ANP: fighting for the rights of journalists during the corona crisis

The work of journalists is regarded as an essential service during this emergency

May 4 2020

Corona IYCW calls for more social protection and income support for informal ...

The organisation hopes that this crisis is an opportunity to rethink our social and economic system

April 23 2020

Corona 'World March of Women' mobilises on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza ...

"World March of Women" launches its campaign "24 hours of feminist solidarity against transnational ...

April 20 2020

Corona In Bolivia, quarantine must not affect workers' rights!

The Centre for the Advancement of Women "Gregoria Apaza" - a partner of WSM - has launched a massive...

April 17 2020

Corona WSM and its partners do not leave the elderly out in the cold

Social movements around the world are making a huge difference for the elderly every day, not only d...

April 14 2020

Corona International solidarity in times of corona

In Belgium, authorities managed to take short-term drastic action with accompanying social measures....

April 14 2020

Report | first international meeting NRSP

Our common vision on the right to social protection

April 10 2020

Corona W-Connect: WSM partners in Asia during COVID-19

You can find the newsletter via the link in the article

April 10 2020

Corona Universal social protection overcomes every crisis

We need to work towards national, comprehensive and largely supported social protection policies wit...

April 9 2020

Corona AREDS | COVID-19, India

AREDS continues to visit vulnerable people

April 9 2020

Corona The impact of COVID-19 and the gender issue in Latin America

April 8 2020

Corona The global COVID-19 crisis: An opportunity to rethink global supply ch...

KSBSI and ACV-CSC made an initial analysis

April 7 2020

Corona Strong social protection to tackle COVID-19

Universal social protection is feasible and affordable, provided there is more international coopera...

April 6 2020

Corona Sub-Saharan Africa and measures against the coronavirus

It goes without saying that these measures are a huge challenge for a continent where 90% of employm...

April 6 2020

Corona In the empty streets of Guatemala City young people face hunger, Mojoc...

Former professor Gérard Lutte, founder of Mojoca, explains the situation of street youth in Guatemal...

April 1 2020

Corona COVID-19: Globalising solidarity is the response we need now!

The challenge we face is how to build an alternative model of development, driven by the needs of al...

March 31 2020

Corona In India, hunger is a bigger problem than COVID-19!

India is the second most populous country in the world after China. Its population is very susceptib...

March 30 2020

Corona Worker Rights Consortium: The Tsunami Bearing Down on the World’s Supp...

Other than the most unfortunate victims of the disease itself, there is no subset of the global popu...

March 30 2020

Corona Corona-measures in Africa

At the moment it is all hands on deck to inform everyone about what they can do themselves to avoid ...

March 25 2020

Corona Dominican Republic: our partner MOSCTHA is committed to reducing the i...

MOSCTHA developed a care plan from health centre 'La Solidarité' and also makes its community worke...

March 25 2020

Corona "Hopefully our test kit can prevent a major outbreak in Bangladesh"

GK once again proves itself to be as reliable as the proverbial rock in the storm. The development o...

March 19 2020

Corona Latin American governments are facing coronavirus without social prote...

The coronavirus pandemic has once again highlighted the lack of social protection in Peru and Latin ...

January 9 2020

WSM expands network for the right to social protection to the intercon...

After cooperation on the national and continental level we take the fight for universal social prote...

August 31 2018

Benin | Declaration 'For the participation of workers in the just tran...

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