Social protection

A replacement income in the event of illness, a contribution to your hospital bill or a decent pension from a respectable age on. Those who enjoy social protection can lead a dignified life, without risking losing it all with the slightest setback. This is an obvious human right, and yet a very large part of the world's population does not benefit from it.

WSM and its partners work together to extend social protection to everyone in the world. It is a powerful tool to help excluded groups, especially people in the informal economy and in precarious jobs, and to reduce inequality. To achieve this expansion effectively, our partners offer specific services such as health insurance in solidarity, access to microcredit or training on safety and health at work.

In addition, WSM and its partners are joining forces in a thematic network focusing on the right to social protection. The experience and expertise of different social movements come together in 18 networks on national level, that have grown into 3 continental networks in Africa, Asia and Latin America that now also want to work together internationally. All of these networks not only create a positive interaction between different types of organizations, they also make us stronger and more easily heard by governments and international organizations, so that our demands are translated into policy more quickly.


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