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Partner organisations make sustained efforts every year to drastically change the lives of many, some examples:

A warm and welcoming shelter for street youth in Guatemala City

A decent wage for the seamstresses who make our clothes in Bangladesh

A larger and more diversified harvest for farmers in DR Congo

A mobile clinic for people living in extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic


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WSM in the world

94 partners in 21 countries

INSP!R America latina, the network for social protection rights
INSP!R Asia, the network for social protection rights
INSP!R Africa, the network for social protection rights

WSM in action



WSM helps people obtain decent work and a living wage. Improving working conditions by putting pressure on companies and governments, offering vocational training and job guidance, uniting people in cooperatives and providing them with starting capital, are some of the ways we help create decent work.



People gain access to affordable and high-quality health care through the development of strong and high-performing mutual insurance societies. Our partners help define health policies in their country. This way nobody gets left behind.


Labor rights

Make people aware of their rights and train them so that they can enforce those rights together. If the rights are infringed, our partners provide legal assistance while we launch solidarity campaigns to further increase pressure on companies and governments.


Social Protection

When people are ill, unable to work for a while or too old, they should receive a replacement income. Our partners develop social protection measures themselves or they ensure that people can join existing systems



WSM and its partners also want to be heard by governments and companies. Together we influence policies so that people around the world are better protected against injustice. Moreover, we join forces in a network focused on the right to social protection, from the national to the international level, to carry our voices even further.



WSM wants to make people aware of inequality and injustice in the world. Through awareness campaigns, we create greater support and we mobilize people to encourage policy makers to take action.

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