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AJE - Action Jeunesse Environnement

Action Jeunesse Environnement is a non-profit organisation set up in 1998. It runs programmes to combat poverty, environmental education, health and capacity building. It is active in supporting training and employment for young people, and the socio-economic empowerment of women through support for economic development initiatives.

CNTS - Confédération Nationale des Travailleurs du Sénégal

The Confédération Nationale des Travailleurs du Sénégal was founded in 1968 and is the largest trade union confederation in terms of membership. Its vision is to promote the creation of opportunities for decent work and unemployment insurance for redundant workers. It has 135,000 union members, organised into 14 regional branches. Its mission is to defend their interests and rights, and also to participate in the country's development. It is a member of the ITUC and sits on all social security institutions and decision-making bodies at national level.

GRAIM - Groupe de Recherche et d'Appui aux Initiatives Mutualistes

GRAIM was set up in 1997 to support the emerging mutual health movement. It was recognised as an association under Senegalese law in 2002. The organisation carries out a range of activities and has established itself in the development field at national level in various areas: social protection, development of organisations and institutions, the environment, training and employment for young people and women, economic development, etc.

UNAMUSC - Union Nationale des Mutuelles de Sante? Communautaires

Senegal's Union Nationale des Mutuelles de Santé Communautaires (UNAMUSC), set up in December 2014, brings together 676 community health mutuals through 14 regional unions, 45 departmental unions for 800,000 members and 4 million beneficiaries. The community health mutuals are partners of the State of Senegal and are responsible for and manage the health insurance scheme under the CMU in Senegal.

Partner organizations

  • 1 NGO supporting social economy initiatives
  • 1 National platform of organisations promoting mutual health organisations
  • 1 trade union
  • 1 socio-educational movement
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