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Kondo Jigima

Kondo Jigima is a savings and microcredit cooperative that was set up in 1995. Thanks to the creation of a financing tool that is genuinely adapted to the most disadvantaged people and the organisations that work with them, Kondo Jigima has almost 75,000 members, spread across around a hundred local savings and loan associations. By granting microcredits to people who would not be able to obtain credit elsewhere, it actively contributes to the fight against extreme poverty. When it comes to repaying loans, Kondo takes the local context into account: repayment terms adapted to the seasonal cycle, lower interest than other credit institutions, taking income levels into account, etc. In addition, Kondo Jigima stimulates social economy initiatives and supports women's groups, which develop a whole range of income-generating activities: crafts, small businesses in the informal sector, agriculture, etc. Finally, the organisation is also active in the fields of education and literacy, two fundamental sectors for access to employment.

MTC Mali - Mouvement des Travailleurs Croyants

The MTC is a socio-cultural movement that aims to improve the living and working conditions of workers. Based in Bamako, it has been in existence since 1985 and focuses on four vulnerable groups of the population: primary school teachers, who generally have no employment contract and are poorly paid; domestic staff, who are often young girls with little schooling, recruited from the countryside and unaware of their rights; artisans, most of whom are illiterate and therefore at the mercy of abuse; and young people, who may have difficulty finding work, especially if they do not have access to computers.  In collaboration with the UTM, the MTC is taking political action to combat social exclusion and promote decent work. In addition, the MTC works closely with the trade union and other organisations to achieve certain demands (such as a half-day's rest for household help). Finally, the MTC is contributing to greater gender equality, particularly in terms of women's right to development, especially for women from rural areas.

UTM - Union Technique de la Mutualité

Active in Mali since 1996, UTM aims to strengthen solidarity between the various mutual health groups, through a general reinsurance service, a health insurance fund and activities in the field of prevention, health and mutual aid. Its activities cover the education, health education and mutual health insurance sectors. By organising consultations and collaboration between mutual health organisations and leading discussions with healthcare providers and the political authorities, the UTM has become a genuine interlocutor for the Malian authorities on health policy. Together, they are analysing how to achieve universal access to healthcare in Mali. Ultimately, UTM's aim is to become directly involved in healthcare management.

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