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DR Congo

MOCC - Mouvement Ouvrier Chrétien du Congo

The MOCC is an umbrella organization for socio-educational movements with some 85,000 members. Its mission is to build a better world through the defense of the rights of the most disadvantaged workers, social prevention, and the promotion of the social economy in favor of precarious categories of the population, such as women and young people.

CGAT - Centre de gestion des risques et d’accompagnement technique des mutuelles de santé

CGAT is an organisation that aims to improve the population's access to quality healthcare. Its strategies revolve around setting up and supporting mutual health insurance schemes and lobbying the government to support mutual health insurance schemes and encourage the emergence of new ones.

ESL - Ecole Sociale de Lubumbashi (Département des Sciences Sociales du Travail)

The social school in Lubumbashi opened its doors in September 2009 under the name of "Département des Sciences sociales et du travail" of the Institut Faculty Théophile Reyn. Its aim is to train community development workers to improve their social work skills and contribute to the country's socio-economic development, particularly through social protection and decent work.

WAWE - Wazee Wetu

The WAWE platform, short for Wazee Wetu (literally "our elderly"), aims to improve the living and care conditions of the elderly and to enhance their place within families and society in general. The idea is to find structural solutions, in particular by raising awareness among young people of the issues facing the elderly.

POMUCO - Plateforme des organisations promotrices des mutuelles de santé du Congo

The platform of Organisations Promotrices des Mutuelles de Santé du Congo (POMUCO) is made up of five organisations throughout the DRC involved in promoting mutual health insurance schemes that give the poor access to quality healthcare at a lower cost.

REMUSACO - Réseau des mutuelles de santé communautaires / Archidiocèse de Bukavu

Remusaco (formerly Cellule d'Appui aux Mutuelles de Santé - CAMS) was set up within the Bukavu Diocesan Medical Office (BDOM), which manages more than 70 health facilities in 10 health zones. The CAMS aims to serve the population by improving their income, federating the mutual health organisations in South Kivu, strengthening external partnerships and advocacy for quality of care, and promoting health education and promotion.

MUSOSA - Mutuelle de Solidarité pour la Santé

On 11 February 2010, a project to set up a mutual health insurance fund called Mutuelle de Solidarité pour la Santé (MUSOSA) Butembo Beni, in partnership with the Mutualité Saint Michel de Bruxelles, was launched.  The Mutuelle de Solidarité pour la Santé (MUSOSA) is a non-profit association based on the principles of solidarity and mutual aid between individuals who join freely and voluntarily. MUSOSA aims to provide cover against risks and enable people with limited resources to benefit from basic health care. As part of the DRC's strategy to strengthen its healthcare system (SRSS), MUSOSA aims to facilitate access to healthcare for all, without distinction, through contributions (community participation) and at affordable costs (financial access to healthcare) for all communities, by extending its reach to the two territories of Lubero and Beni, in the northern part of North Kivu province.

Partner organizations

  • 2 mutual health organizations
  • 1 NGO supporting mutual health insurance
  • 1 national platform for the organisation and promotion of mutual health organisations
  • 1 research centre
  • 1 movement of eldery people
  • 1 socio-educational movement
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