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AS - Alliance Santé

AS is an association of health mutuals in Borgou and Collines. Its purpose is to represent mutual health insurance companies and mutualists, in particular to defend their interests; to exchange and share ideas and experiences; to promote mutual aid and solidarity between mutual health insurance companies; to carry out and organise joint actions; to support mutual health insurance companies in improving the health of their members; to set up and manage the association's financial security tools; to participate in the promotion of social assistance by facilitating the inclusion of indigent people in the health risk cover scheme.

APROSOC - Action pour la Protection Sociale

APROSOC is a registered NGO that rose from the ashes of the Programme d'Appui aux Mutuelles de Santé en Afrique (PROMUSAF). Its aim is to inform and raise awareness of social protection and mutuality, provide technical support for mutual health organisations, train and build the capacity of mutualists, promote health and health education, set up a network of mutualist initiatives, and carry out political action/advocacy and nutrition.

CGTB - Confédération Générale des Travailleurs du Bénin

CGTB is a federation of trade unions in the public administration, the private sector and the informal sector. Its aim is to defend and safeguard the material, moral and professional interests of workers on a permanent basis, to promote and develop a spirit of solidarity between member trade union organisations and federations, to contribute to the strengthening of trade union activity at national, regional and international level, to work to promote employment with a view to the rapid advent of full employment, and to ensure the improvement of the living and working conditions of its members and of workers in general.

MDB - Mutualité pour le Développement à la Base

MDB is a not-for-profit mutual insurance company with variable capital governed by law no. 2012-14 of 21 March 2012 regulating decentralised financial systems in the Republic of Benin. Its mission is to improve the living conditions of economic players at grassroots level through financial and non-financial services. Its purpose is to collect savings from its members and grant them credit, to foster solidarity and cooperation between members, and to promote the economic, social and cooperative education of its members.

MTC Bénin - Mouvement des Travailleurs Chrétiens du Bénin

MTC-B is a non-political, non-union movement. It relies on workers from all socio-professional categories: civil servants, manual workers, office, commercial and domestic workers, the unemployed, workers in the informal sector and pensioners.

SYNAPROCEB - Centre de Formation du Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Coiffure et de l’Esthétique du Bénin

SYNAPROCEB is a union that advocates for workers in the hairdressing and beauty care sector. They are part of the CGTB. The many awareness-raising activities and trainings they organise focus on gender equality, literacy and protection of environment and surroundings.

Partner organizations

  • 1 health mutual
  • 1 NGO supporting mutual health organisations
  • 1 NGO supporting social economy initiatives
  • 1 socio-educational movement
  • 2 trade unions
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