November 6 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on young workers

By International Young Christian Workers

The IYCW has recently published a report on the situation of young workers suffering the impact of the corona crisis. The coronavirus has a huge impact on their lives and there are several reasons why they are afraid of the consequences of COVID-19. Because of local measures and restrictions they are losing their income or even their job. This is the case for workers in general, but certainly for vulnerable workers, such as informal economy and precarious workers. Young people's search for their first job is hampered by high unemployment rates. In addition, the virus has accelerated the digital transition. Internet and electricity are therefore increasingly necessary, but not guaranteed everywhere. Not only young people, but also women and migrants are strongly affected by the virus. The lack of decent social protection becomes more and more prominent. 

As a part of the solution, IYCW makes a number of recommendations. Human dignity must be prioritised. Health is a human right and cannot be simply left to the classic capitalist market logic. The state is responsible to guarantee this right for all human beings in society. A lack of investment in public services, health care services and in social protection exacerbates existing inequalities. The IYCW wants to seize this opportunity to create new systems in education, labour, care-work, social protection and ecology. Governments need to act because strong and solidarity-based protection as well as laws and policies for ‘dignified work for all’ are necessary, certainly for migrants, young workers and women.

For those who want to know more, the report is accessible here.



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