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CFTUI - Confederation of Free Trade Unions of India

CFTUI is a completely politically independent national trade union, which is quite rare in India. It is present in 20 states with 1,3 million members from ten industries: utilities, transportation, education, construction, trade, food and agriculture, fishing, textile and clothing. CFTUI also has a specific branch for women workers. CFTUI works with vulnerable workers, mostly from informal economy, as well as with migrant workers.

CWM-I - Christian Workers’ Movement-India

CWM's mission is to fight for the respect of human dignity, for justice, and to ensure that men and women play a central role in development. CWM has about 18,000 members, 40% of which are women in 40 affiliated groups. Its main activities are training and activities with vulnerable workers and unorganized workers from the informal sector. CWM focuses on migrants, women and young workers. CWM regularly organizes awareness campaigns and events, often in collaboration with other NGOs and trade unions.

NDWM - National Domestic Workers’ Movement

NDWM was created in 1985 in Tamil Nadu by Sister Jeanne Devos, to empower the many domestic workers exploited in India. With headquarters in Mumbai, NDWM is currently present in 17 states and reaches over 200.000 domestic workers. Priority activities include awareness raising, campaigning and advocacy to improve legislation and labour standards for domestic workers but also migrant workers. For these, NDWM also offers pre-departure training and rehabilitation programs.

AREDS - Association of Rural Education and Development Service

AREDS works towards one Humanity, believing that small people with conscious and collective numbers can create another world. AREDS is organizing people and building strong movements that can provide economic, social, cultural and political alternatives. They focus on women, dalits, young people and adolescent. Their action includes non-formal education, vocational training and income generating activities, alternative and ecological sustainable agriculture, education on better health and hygiene practices. Advocacy on better social protection, at the local and the national level, is an important part of their work too.

NDWF - National Domestic Workers’ Federation

The NDWF was formed out of the effort of NDWM to organize domestic workers into trade unions led by domestic workers themselves. NDWF aims to protect, ensure and promote the rights of Domestic Workers in India and those working abroad through solidarity and participation. Its objectives are to ensure equal rights for domestic workers like any other workers, with regard to wages, social security, working conditions, health and other benefits etc. Since its creation in 2013, NDWF has been actively involved in lobbying for national legislation for Domestic Workers and to have ILO C189 regarding domestic workers ratified by India. End 2016, NDWF had 9 registered and 6 unregistered affiliated unions, totalizing 16,000 women members across 14 states.

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  • 2 trade unions
  • 1 women's movement


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